Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Printed Shorts

I am originally from Florida.  It is a hot place, and I grew up wearing shorts.   It wasn't until I started getting into fashion that I ever realized that shorts weren't exactly "in".  Much like my Uggs, I wore them anyway.  I can be a rebel like that.

In recent years it has become hip to wear shorts again. Lately, every time I walk into the Gap or Old Navy I notice printed versions in varying colors and patterns.  I really love this take on what has been such a wardrobe staple for me.  Also, there are some hard to pass up price-points here.  Call me smitten, if you will.

What do you think about printed shorts (or really just shorts in general)?  Do you wear them?  Which are your favorites?  Will you be picking up any for yourself?

Printed Shorts

Zara short shorts
$40 -

Ikat canvas shorts

Gap shorts
$50 -


Canvas shorts

10 Crosby Derek Lam linen shorts
$225 -

Staring At star
$29 -

Forever 21
$16 -

J crew
$60 -

Zara short shorts
$60 -

Old navy shorts
$25 -

$88 -

Old navy shorts
$15 -


Bad Joan said...

Love shorts! Especially printed shorts, they are so cute!

Bad Joan

E said...

I think printed shorts are so much fun!!

Adele said...

Loving the top row Erin!
Happy Thursday Hun xoxo

Emmy said...

I really like this trend but don't have one myself. I think I'm gonna get one from ZARA!

Mandy Crandell said...

Lots of cool styles here! I never knew wearing shorts was ever out. I've always worn them. The fanciest I ever get is plaid ones, though.

Suze said...

Sorry to be the downer here, but I HATE shorts!

However, I kind of don't hate these cute printed shorts I'm seeing everywhere lately... maybe my shorts-hating days are over?

rooth said...

Yes! I'm so glad that people are wearing shorts more often now. I picked up three pairs from Target in different colours for $18 each - you should totally check them out!

Heather said...

I wear skirts more than shorts, but I'd definitely love to pick up some fun printed styles for summer. Some of these are super cute and a great deal!

Stephanie said...

I rarely, if ever, wear shorts. Not because I don't like how they look, but because I don't like how they look on me. I have the worst legs/hips for shorts so I stick to pants and dresses. I'm jealous of ppl who can wear them and look good though. I really wish I could pull them off!

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