Monday, February 7, 2011

More Unseasonable Gardening Weather

We are still in early February, and this is what the sky looked like yesterday, which happened to be Superbowl Sunday.  Oh, did I mention it was 74 degrees with a slight breeze?  Perfect for getting a little gardening done before the big game, right? 

I did some massive weeding, and it never occurred to me to take pictures of the mess I had to clean up.  Although (luckily for you) I do have pictures of the front yard post clean up (and before the spring planting is even started).

This area was covered in sour grass shortly before this picture was taken.  This is the very front area of our lawn, and we have BIG plans for it.  Huge plans.  But it isn't quite a priority yet, so we are making due with what is there. And what is there is a tiny rose bush, some verbena, mums, irises, and some other things that I had planted a while ago (and forgotten what they were called immediately after). 

More areas that were covered in weeds and leaves.  I have these little boxed in areas that separate the driveway from the walkway in our front yard. The picture on the right is columbine, in the center are mums, and on the left is verbena (yes, and something else I can't remember). They don't look like much in their wintering state, but come back in a few months, and you won't be disappointed.

A crocus poking out if the ground.

Freesia (one of my favorite flowers) that is going to smell sweet come springtime.  I have 5 different colors planted by my front door.  The smell is incredible the whole time it blooms. 

 Husband loves lily-of-the-valley, so I planted this for him last year.  This is the first bloom.

My first stab at growing camellias.  I am so excited to see a bunch of little blooms on it. 

Of course, the pups love to assist in all gardening activities. 

And what was husband doing during this time?  He was cleaning his pride and joy. Looks shiny, doesn't it?  It had several years worth of Christmas tree needles in the back and I am pretty sure a daddy long legs gave me the stink-eye the last time I hopped into the passenger seat. 

And finally, this is how you watch the Superbowl (and I really feel like I earned it). 

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