Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding (Are You Watching?)

OK, I admit that I have a touch of royal wedding fever.  I mean, there will be :

1)   A prince
2)   A (future) princess
3)   Buckingham Palace (where the couple will be expected to make an appearance and do the whole romantic kissing thing *swoon*)
4)   Some crowns or maybe a tiara
5)   A fabulous mystery wedding dress
6)   A huge ceremony full of pomp and circumstance
7)   1,900 guests, including the Beckhams (can't wait to see what a pregnant Posh will wear)
8)   5 carriages (how fairy tale like is that?)
9)   Westminster Abbey (it over 700 years old and holds 2,200 people)
10)  Fly-past by the Royal Air Force and Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. Nothing gives me chills like a fly-past.

What is there not to love?  I plan on watching the coverage throughout the day (because they can't expect everyone in the states to be up at 1am to see it all live, can they?) and soaking up all the details.  On second thought, better set my DVR.

A girl can dream, can't she?
 In the mean time, get your own royal title here:  Royal Name Generator

And if you want to know when things are going to happen, here is the schedule for the day

Are you watching?  What are your thoughts?  What about the dress?  Isn't it all about the dress?


Sizzle and Zoom said...

I plan to stay up in front of the tv and watch it. Loved reading your blog. Made me smile.

Pippa said...

Ha i love your personal invite :)
Hope you had a lovely Royal Wedding day! <3

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Didn't watch, no thoughts, not interested lol The whole coverage is a bit too much for me, I must admit! It's interesting to see a few pics after and all, but that's about it. Maybe it's because I've never really been a girly girl and have never pictured my future wedding or something... I guess I'm just not into teh stuff in general!

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